Do You Have Financial Clarity in Your Business?

Many high-conscious entrepreneurs start their dream business with passion and expertise in their field. Often, that expertise doesn’t extend to their financials. Before long, they realize that their books are helplessly out-of-date, tax payments are not getting made, they can’t pay themselves, and actually making a profit? Not even close.

Has your dream business turned into a money nightmare?

Low profitability, debt, or not paying yourself

Anxiety about how you will pay employees or taxes

Fear that you might have to close your business

If you’ve experienced any of these problems, there is hope! MTB Services, Etc. exists to help entrepreneurs earn financial peace of mind through a proven system designed to bring clarity and profitability to your cash flow.

Hello, I’m Troy Ballard Professional Bookkeeper Icon

The Owner/Operator of MTB Services Etc.

I leverage my experience as a business owner and over 30 years as a full charge bookkeeper in many different industries to bring financial clarity into my clients’ businesses. I understand the many frustrations and challenges of small business owners today.

I’ve run businesses, and I’ve closed businesses. I know the gut-wrenching fear of lack of money, and I have experienced the peace of mind that comes when I know exactly where my money is at and how it is working for me.

If you are ready to increase the profitability of your business, then please schedule a judgement-free, compassionate conversation with me.


What do scuba-diving and owning a business serving entrepreneurs like myself have to do with financial clarity?

Watch the video to find out what happened next!

Let’s talk about your dream business!

True tales from people who have gained financial clarity

“Working with Troy and implementing her profitability cash planning system has been a game-changer for my business. Last year, I was beyond stressed out with the business finances, and had no idea how to dig myself out of the hole I found myself in.

High COGS and low sales compounded by debt had decimated my company’s cash flow, and I had no idea how I was going to figure out a solution. That’s when I hired Troy. She got to know my business intimately and presented a 12 month “Profit-First” plan to increase profits, get out of debt, and create a workable plan for our cash flow. She was kind, non-judgmental, and practical, which helped put my mind at ease and trust in the system.

We worked hand-in-hand until we had sorted everything out. A year later, profitability is up to +28%. Business is booming. I paid myself and my staff a fair wage this year. We’ve paid off a significant debt, and all the taxes for the year are paid. We were able to offer health care to our staff, and we’ve hired several new people. I’m so proud of what we have accomplished together!

Increase Your Profits And Decrease Your Financial Anxiety Now!

Review, Report, Reboot: My 3-R Plan



To fully understand your current situation, I will review your accounts, going back a year.



I will produce a report of where we are and where we want to go.


I will build the custom framework that will reboot your finances and cash flow to achieve your goals.

Increase Your Profits And Decrease Your Financial Anxiety Now!

My Expertise

I am not a cookie-cutter problem-solver

Rather I work with you to develop custom profitability solutions to meet your goals! I need to understand both your business and you as an entrepreneur. I am not a CPA and I don’t play one on television. I am your partner in growing your business.

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What results have other entrepreneurs just like you experienced?

Increased Profitability

Better Sleep At Night

Fulfilled Work

Business Growth

Happiness & Gratitude

Endless Possibilities

"Troy was a wonderful help to our organization. She did a tremendous job helping us clean up some messy financial tracking and setting up clear systems for us to use on an ongoing basis. As a remote contractor Troy was available, communicative, and reliable. Above all, I greatly appreciated having someone who truly had the best interests of our organization at heart."

Linda Leu,
Executive Director of IMPACT Bay Area

"We have been using MTB Services for our bookkeeping for over eight months now. Our previous bookkeeper had left our accounts in an awful mess and Troy did a fantastic job of sorting everything out and putting processes into place to ensure future accuracy."

Lyn Ashby,
Floral Image

"Troy is a valued member of our team. We appreciate her consistency, persistence, and expertise in ensuring our books are up to date, neat and organized. No small feat given the complexity of our bookkeeping needs.”

Kristen Marie Ferry,
Matthew Ferry International LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of bookkeeping do we do?

After the fact bookkeeping – Typically once a month services that are performed after the prior month has ended. This is also common if you haven’t done your bookkeeping in a while and need some clean up. You handle the day-to-day operations of your business. We work behind the scenes on the books recording the activity that has occurred on a schedule of your choosing. We reconcile, review and provide financial reports. Prices start at $199 per month for a basic set of books. The frequency of services and level of activity increases the base price.

Full charge bookkeeping – Typically performed on a more frequent basis like once a week or daily. MTB Svcs. handles the day-to-day bookkeeping operations your business. We work for you or with you, front and center, running payroll, managing AR/AP, paying bills on a schedule of your choosing. We reconcile, review and provide financial reports. Prices start at $399 per month. The frequency of services and level of activity increases the base price.

How does virtual bookkeeping services work?

We perform the bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online.

We can provide conversion services from Quickbooks Desktop to the Online version.

When is the work performed? On a schedule?

Yes, on a schedule to be determined. Daily, weekly, twice a month, monthly, quarterly and annually. We can customize to any schedule that you need.

What if I need services outside the scope of schedule?

Our hourly rate may apply depending on the situation.

Are taxes included in the bookkeeping?

We do not do taxes or give tax advice. We do compile and process 1099’s every January. You collect W9s from your vendors and turn them into us during the year.

What if I don’t use QuickBooks?

Chances are we will not be able to do your books. Convert to QBO, everyone is doing it. ?

How much does it cost?

Our base minimum rate starts at $199 per month. The frequency of the services performed, the level of activity and the complexity of the account increases the base price. Clean up jobs are quoted at an hourly rate. Have two companies? We give discounts for multiple entities.

Check out our Starter Package!

What forms of payment do you accept?

ACH, Credit Card, and credit cards.

When are my payments due?

If you are a monthly recurring client, payment is due on the 1st of every month. If you have a special clean up project, a 10-hour retainer is due to begin work and the balance of the work is generally charged on an hourly basis.

Are you ready to set your business on a course to profitability? Do you crave financial peace of mind?

Isn’t it time you got what you want out of your business?

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